T90 laser

following a previous post on 'classic football boot design', i've opted for neither. hypocritical maybe, but i just really needed some new boots. at least they're made from leather...

i'm not sure how much of the product description is true, but anyway, they sound quite technologically advanced:

'Nike AZT90 Laser FG Leather Black/RedFootball Boots
The Nike Total 90 Laser is the new boot choice of England and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, creating a revolutionary enhancement of the Total 90 series.
Applying the learning from sports like golf or tennis, the expanded Sweet Spot on the Nike Total 90 Laser allows the athlete to maximise shooting and passing accuracy through better boot to ball alignment and targeting.
Unique precision rings create optimum trajectrory, spin and distance control. Twisted medial rings provide more agggressive contact, enhancing ball spin and swerve opportunities.
The highest density material (3 times harder than a synthetic upper) is aligned with the hardest part of the foot for improved accuracy and distance. The precision rings are sectioned to help the player keep the ball down when shooting at goal. Rings also add more aggressive contact to the ball, allowing the player to add height and swerve to the ball as desired.
Waterproof eVent Fabric also lets sweat escape, maintaining a constant temperature inside the boot while playing.'