containership power

containership power supply by giffin'termeer, produced by kikkerland.

not only does this look really cool, but i did a project recently looking into containerships coming from china and they're huge. the amount they carry to us here in the uk is incredible, and reading what the designer has to say is quite cool too i think.

'the piece is designed to accommodate the many power adapters cluttering our living space, this ship powers our electronic devices with their cords in its wake. by doing this, it makes apparent the infrastructure behind all those power cords. most electronic devices in use everyday are manufactured in a single province in china and are delivered to us by containership. what people often do not realize is the extreme scale of the infrastructure needed when a single geographic area becomes a primary manufacturing source; even for things that most people see as insignificant. the largest of these ships hold up to 12,000 40ft containers and are too massive for the panama canal. they frequently return to china empty- the need to ship goods from china can be greater than the expense to load them for the return trip. what we're interested in as designers is to make apparent this infrastructure that the market tries to conceal. this product will most likely be manufactured somewhere outside of shanghai, then probably moved by truck over the donghai bridge to the yangshan deep water port, and placed on a containership bound for the USA. I simply took the vessel which carries it across the ocean and shrunk it to be the object itself.' - jim termeer

now i wonder if they do them with uk adapters...

from designboom

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