eastpak, the design classic

on a recent trip to urban outfitters i saw the new line of eastpak backpacks and was shocked to see a complete logo and style change! luckily, after checking their website, i found out it was just one new range in a seemingly endless line. the website is very flashy (ie lots of flash) and has way too much stuff on it in my opinion, but i can't fault them for their products. especially as i own two bags, a pencil case and a wallet...

the staple of any french or german student visiting england (in my experience), the original backpack is still my  favourite. from their website:

'The Original Backpack, a design classic. Perfect for everyday use the Padded Pak'r is simple, unfussy and imitated by many. This is the real deal don't settle for anything less. Made from Cordura, this pack is Built to Resist.'

it really is! my first one has got to be about six or seven years old now, and was only replaced by a new eastpak. i wore it pretty much every day for school, sixth form, foundation college and the first two years of uni, and it's still as strong as ever, no broken zips, waterproof and goes with anything.

i also like the 'stand' duffel bag, which would match the classic bag nicely!

link to eastpak site