from designboom:

' gluejeans are a new label that was launched by dutch company G + N as part of the amsterdam international fashion week. 'gluejeans' are a new type of jeans - they're not stitched but glued. the jeans have undergone two years of testing before they were released.  'gluejeans' are completely handmade and the glue is available in different colors. each pair of jeans are tailor made.'

what an interesting idea. i suppose the two years of testing means that they were making sure they can be washed without falling apart. a quick look at their website also tells me that the price tag is probably huge. not only are they of a limited edition, but you have to go to their fitting rooms (by appointment only) to get some. still, i think they look quite cool, and maybe if they work they'll cross over into the high street.

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