on designboom there's a small article looking at products based on old compter icons, like the folderix flash drive (by art lebedev studio, above). from the article:

'it's hard to pinpoint exactly at what stage digital technology changed the course of our lives and social interactions. with the emergence of computers in the 1970s, we saw the introduction of digital icons. developed at the xerox research center facility in palo alto, these icons were meant to make the process of navigating through computer interfaces easier. a small pixelated image which typically ranges in size from 16x16 pixels to 128x128 pixels, icons were designed to be easily recognizable. used on our desktops, toolbars, web-pages and other applications, computer icons draw from real world objects and have been known to take on the form of a file folder, paint brush, speaker etc., symbols we can easily identify and associate with. individuals even use avatars (a form of icon) to represent themselves on instant messaging programs, virtual computer games and various internet forums. computer icons have become an important part of our visual language, so much so that these digital computer icons are making their return into the real world. there are also a number of products out on the market which have been influenced by computer hardware. from the desk to the desktop and back again.'

i'm not too sure if all of them are quite as well done as others, but certainly the usb drive, the icon watch (by & design, below) and the sonicum speaker (again by art lebedev, again below) are all really nice products (at least to look at).

link to designboom article

link to art lebedev