new designers 2008

yesterday i went to new designers 2008 at the business design centre in london. the third years from my uni (ravensbourne) were exhibiting, so i went to support them as well as see what kind of work the other uni's were doing. there were lots of examples of 'things i (didn't) design' (previosuly mentioned here + here), but oh well. it was a good insight into what will be expected from me next year, if not a little daunting for that reason.

on the plus side though, the bdc new designer of the year was max frommeld, who goes to my uni. having seen him making his adapt shelving (above) in the workshop the last few months, it was great to see the finished piece there, with an award sitting on it. he also won the audi design award last year (see here), which is also great!

the exhibition has finished now, and i have been unable to find any round up or big photos on the new designers site or anything like designboom or core77, except for this photo above (which i think is of a previous year). hopefully there will be something though, and i can update this...

link to new designers site