wood by ten

this week i have been helping out with the 'wood by ten' exhibition at 100% design. below are the products that they will be showing. wood-at-100-designtomoko.jpg










from the top:

'frame bird-feeder' by nina tolstrup, 'transport lamp' by tomoko azumi, 'candleholder' by stephen bretland, 'dumper-truck' by sam johnson, 'writers block' by chris jackson, 'wedge racer' by gitta gschwendtner, 'the animals of whittling wood' door wedges and coat hooks by carl clerkin, 'donut coat hook' by michael marriot, 'do not lose me' by hector serrano.

'TEN is a group of ten designers who collaborate once a year to create products that take a responsible approach to design that offers a timely antidote to society’s high levels of consumption and throw-away culture.'
'In 2008 TEN wanted to produce something real, affordable and accessible in order to move their vision from a conceptual framework, as shown in 10 TEN X in 2006 and TEN AGAIN in 2007, to reality. The result is WOOD.'

the overall theme is sustainability, and it is well worth seeing if you are going to 100% design. once the show is over, i'll hopefully be able to put up some photos of the stand and describe it a bit more. but for now, here are the products!

100% design runs from 18-21 september 2008 at earls court, london.


link to ten blog/site

link to 100% design