the new shopping bag

the new shopping bag by susan bijl is available from the designboom shop in lots of new colours! from their site:

'first presented at the new york mart in 2006, the 'new shopping bag''s success lies in its simplicity and its functionality. the bags are entirely made of coated nylon (the fabric used in shipping sails and kites) they are light, water repellent and super strong.'

great! the only problem is, they cost so much! maybe $39 is a good investment if you think that you'll be able to use them for hundreds of shopping trips, but if you can get a bag for life at any of the other supermarkets for about a pound, then it seems a bit steep.

they do look good though. a friend of mine has one and of course they are useful for many things other than carrying your shopping. previously only available in mixtures of neon colours, they now have some more subtle colour options (below). so if you want to look good carrying your shopping home, and think its worth the investment, then go get one!

link to designboom shop