not just good looking...

panasonic hphones 1.jpg i saw the panasonic rp-htx7 headphones for the first time a couple of years ago when a classmate bought some, and thought that they looked really cool. the retro look might not be for everyone, but the colourful ear cups (is that what they're called?), the leather headstrap, the cord cable; it all looks great to me! then another classmate got a pair in a different colour, and again i was impressed.

the real test however had to be the sound quality. i assumed they would be pretty good, but obviously not the best like a pair of bose or sennheiser headphones. however, i tried them out yesterday and was really impressed! not that i am an expert, but i played a few songs through them and they sounded good, and i was especially impressed by the bass range.

there are obviously advantages and disadvantages between headphones and earphones, most obviously size and convenience, and well as discretion, but i think if you can get over these the sound from headphones is superior in general.

you can get a pair for about £30 on various sites, and there are a lot on ebay for similar prices. as i have mentioned, there are many colours available, the ones below as well as others too!

panasonic hphones 2.jpg