more re-usuable shopping bags

screen-capture-21 on different design websites recently there have been lists of good christmas gifts, and one recurring gift idea is the re-usable shopping bag, usually made of a kite or sail fabric like ripstop nylon. i think that re-using shopping bags is one of the easiest, most obvious ways to be 'green', and i am all for charging for shopping bags.

i did a post on 'the new shopping bag' recently (here), available at the designboom shop. i thought they were really cool, but was put off buying one immediately due to the cost (about $32 incl. delivery). being put off by the price means that i still use regular shopping bags, and usually forget to bring old ones when i go shopping. the most annoying thing i find is not that i am potentially harming the environment but that i end up with a drawer or cupboard full of old shopping bags which i am reluctant to throw in the bin.


one of the brands i came across when looking through all the lists was baggu. not only are they much cheaper than many of the other brands (only about $6 each), they are a really nice simple shape, and come in a much larger variety of colours (see below). i think that after christmas, it might be a good idea to get some!



link to baggu site