robs skateboard and laser cutting

over the past few weeks my housemate and i have been working on new skateboards. while in france i bought an old skool skateboard from an emmaüs (which i did a post on here) for €1, scrapped the board and kept the wheels and trucks (which were in pretty good condition!).

rob too bought the above board off ebay for about £10, and also scrapped the deck. i then made some templates for the decks on illustrator, and used a laser cutter (below) to cut out some ply.

after a lot of trial and error with different thicknesses, i got it to work, and after a lot of gluing, painting and varnishing, they are done! we also laser cut the griptape for robs deck, which is what i am going to do for mine soon, too. below are some photos of rob's...

...and mine (below). the idea for this board was to make my skateboard much more transportable. i find holding a deck in the middle on its side is quite uncomfortable, while holding it by the trucks can be dirty, cold, and also a bit awkward. you can see more at my website here!

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