screen-capture after going on a pretty slippery walk over christmas, i have been recommended these! they are called grippers, and are available from, a website with an amazing tagline: stuff you don't need, but really really want! from the site:

The moment that the leaves start to go brown you know winter's on its way and skating (not the graceful kind) is fast approaching. Whether on wet leaves, icy pavements, slippery mud or some good old snow, our everyday shoes are not up to the job of saving us from graceless windmilling arms and acrobatic tumbles. Now we don't want to spend the winter in hardcore hiking boots (and even those have their limitations when it comes to ice) so what to do? Well some bright spark in the USA has come up with not only a brilliant and simple solution, but a highly portable one. Grippers are a simple silicone sling with super tough metal teeth that slip over almost any shoe, from the dainty to the heavy duty, and give you a grip that you wouldn't believe. They slip on and off very easily, and when you're not wearing them pack into a tidy and small little case that will fit into your pocket, bag, or if you're very organised, the glove box of your car. Now you can walk sure-footed whatever the weather, but do remember to take them off when you come inside or you'll shred the carpet.


  • A pair of Grippers so that you can traverse the icy pavement with confidence.
  • Elasticated grips will fit most types of footwear, however they won't fit high heels - sorry ladies!
  • Not meant for use on non-icy surfaces such as tile or marble.
  • They can easily fit into a pocket when you're not using them (but you may want to give them a quick clean first!).

they are available for a quite reasonable £9.99, and come in three sizes to fit pretty much any shoe! presuming they work, i reckon that's a pretty good deal...

link to iwantoneofthose

thanks mum!