jar by pslab

this caught my eye on designboom today. from the site:

the G28d energy saving cap is a new lighting innovation which allows energy saving light bulbs likecompact fluorescents to fit in sockets that weren’t previously usable. beirut’s pslab created the ‘jar’ light based on a brief to develop a light fixture using this new innovation. they took the common jar that can be bought anywhere and outfitted it with all the necessary hardware. all the parts can be fit inside the jar, allowing to serve as its own packaging. once opened and assembled, the jar remains closed and the light bulb remains inside. because it is watertight, the light can be used outdoors, in water and almost anywhere.

having tried to make a light in a jar before, i know that the main problem is that it gets very hot, even with energy efficient bulbs. usually this can be solved by making a few ventilation holes at the top, but the main point of this light seems to be that it is airtight, and therefore would have no ventilation. either way, i think it looks nice...

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