nicola from bern on core77 today i saw two designs from the stockholm furniture fair by designer nicola enrico stäubli (nicola from bern). above is a coathook, made from one piece of sprung steel. from his site:

The growing popularity of online retailers calls for products that can be easily shipped. A simple metal strap with an unimpressive winding off can be transformed into an elegant double loop, held together at the intersection and mounted to the wall with a standard screw and washer.

below is the 'crutch' trestle, which uses 4 metal legs and ratchet straps, which then attach to any top that the user wishes. again, from his site:

Metal frames are put over the edges of a tabletop and contracted with lashing straps creating a highly solid linkage. Other than conventional trestles it causes a table with an unitary look. It is designed to work with any table format and for tabletops dimensioned at 24 to 30mm thickness.

both designs are very simple and clever!

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