mr jones' watches

i came across these watches today. i like the look of them, especially the way the face on the watches below are on a pivot which swings to make it posible to adjust the time. i like the humorous twist, and the simple style of them. all are priced around the £100-£150 mark.

from designboom:

mr. jones watches are the creation of designer crispin jones. what began as a limited edition design has transformed into a full range of watches that share a twisted sense of humour and refined style. the company recently launched two new designs to their collection, both of which will be produced in special editions. the first is ‘the accurate’, a simple looking watch where the hour hand reads 'remember', the minute hand ‘you will die’. this dark sense of humour carries over to their second special edition design ‘the new decider’. talking a page from the infamous magic eight ball, the watch features a special window that alternates between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. other mr. jones designs worth mentioning are ‘the watcher’ googly-eyed watch and ‘the average day’, which represents the time by one’s daily routine.

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