hacoa's wooden office things


i was pointed in the direction today of a post on myturtleneck blog, which has some really cool posts by a brooklyn based creative director/graphic designer.

anyway, the post was about a japanese company that makes all kinds of office things out of hand crafted wood. from the original post:

The entire site is in Japanese, so I know nothing else about the company aside from what the product offering looks like. The best of the bunch, I think, are these wooden keyboard DIY kits. Wouldn't you love to hear what a wooden keyboard sounds (or feels) like when you tap the keys to type?

all of these products look really cool, and especially tactile. i think i want the animal usb's the most. now as soon as i find out how i can get hold of these i will!



thanks chloƩ!!

link to hacoa

link to myturtleneck