2 cool lego related things

jan vormann repairs walls using lego bricks. i saw something about this a while ago, and have just spotted it again on designboom. from that article:

in his ongoing project 'dispatchwork' artist jan vormann uses LEGO bricks to repair damaged walls. he started by patching-up surfaces in bocchignano, italy and has since employed the technique on walls in tel aviv and berlin. vormann currently has a solo exhibition running at jarmuschek + partner in berlin-mitte, which ends june 13th.

there are a lot of photos to see, and i think they are awesome! the one above/right looks especially cool.

another thing i found today when looking for something for a project was a site where they have scanned in every lego instruction manual ever! amazing if you have lost one, or want to build something new with the bits you have, or even just for nostalgia. i can assure you, they are amazing.



link to designboom article

link to jan voorman

link to lego instructions