ninety bike by jamie douglas one of the best designs i saw at new designers the other week was the ninety bike, by jamie douglas from the university of brighton. i spoke to him while all the exhibitors were setting up (before the awards were given out), and not only was it a great design, but he was a really nice guy.

so when i heard that he had won the virgin red hot design award, i thought it was much deserved! i've found it hard to find any images of the bike itself, which is annoying, but have found many other articles using this image, which was taken when the awards were announced.

there are a few features to the design, mainly that when you click a button, the handlebars can turn at ninety degrees and lock into that position, which dratically reduces the profile of the bike (when being stored). and it worked really well! great for narrow corridors, or when locking it up elsewhere.

the other main feature is that part of the chain guard and the seatpost combine to become a d-lock.

if anyone knows where i can find more images, please let me know, as i dont think this one does it justice!