attitude chair this is the attitude chair, by deger cengiz. i saw it on dezeen, and knew the first comment would be about the simpsons. if you havn't seen it, there is an episode where homer is trying to invent something, and comes up with this (he later finds out edison invented it first).

now, i'm not sure what to think here, because it was the first thing i thought too. BUT i really hate how the majority of comments you find on dezeen are from people slating other peoples work, and saying it was copied. it happened to me when i was featured, and a lot of the comments were ridiculous in their claims. there are way more negative comments on most posts than positive, and this is kind of sad when you think about it.

so the first thing i did was write a comment of my own, trying to forget about the simpsons episode. what i wrote was something like: this is a photographed project, that looks well made. and it is a good idea too.

even if it was copied (which i am not saying for one moment that it was!).

link to dezeen article