billboard collection

i saw the above image, part of the billboard collection by artecnica, on two different design blogs yesterday. the first time, i just saw this image, with very little explanation, and it didn't really demand my attention.

i then saw an article on the second site, with a lot more images and description, and i like it a lot more!

'stretch bags' are die cut from 100% recycled billboards, transforming colorful advertising campaigns into a clever bag. the design is drawn from the strength and symmetry of patterns found in nature and has the ability to hold up to 75lbs. the 2-D design lies flat but then stretches into a 3-D structure when in use - a large bag with the smallest amount of waste. the solution is a bag developed without needing, stitching, gluing or folding.

they also come in natural brown leather.

link to artecnica