nike zoom tre i saw the nike zoom tre trainers a couple of years ago, and they caught my eye for a couple of reasons. firstly, they look cool; they come in a massive range of different colours (although i can't seem to find an image of the colourway i want), as shown above and below.

they were one of the first few trainers in the nike sb range, which is nike's range of skateboarding shoes and apparel.

the other cool thing is the material. it features a synthetic ultra durable upper that won't get torn to shreds by griptape straight away, which is something that happens to pretty much all skateboard shoes quite quickly. The other thing is that they are very breathable, which is another key feature most skateboard shoes lack.

it's quite a futuristic material, and is worth checking out if you ever see a pair in the shops. it seemed a bit weird at first for a pair of shoes to have a plastic mesh at the front, but i really like it.

so, as i'd said, i knew about these shoes for a while, but it was only recently i found out about a quite exclusive colourway: the marty mcfly edition. all the images i've found (below) have a big watermark on them (sorry), but you can see what they look like. one of the best thing about this edition is the glow in the dark logo, but i think they look cool even without that amazing bonus!

i guess we'll have to wait for power laces though...