stovetec stoves this is the stovetec wood burning stove. i saw it on boingboing gadgets today, and wanted to know more. i only recently bought a bbq bucket, which has already been quite usefull for small, impromtu bbqs, as it is easy to carry, easy to use and easy to clean. they are pretty cheap, and when compared to the cost of disposable bbqs they become an even better option. once you have one, you only have to buy the coal each time, which costs less than a disposable one, and is a lot more eco friendly in every way.

but anyway, the stovetec. the reason it caught my eye is because it is wood burning, which would be quite useful when camping (for example). on the stovetec site, it claims:

3 billion people cook on an open fire and 1.6 million die every year from breathing in the smoke'

reading a bit more at their website, it becomes apparant that these stoves were designed with the third world in mind.

StoveTec Stoves, rocket stoves invented by Dr. Larry Winiarski, use 40-50% less fuel and reduce emissions by 40-75% while reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions an estimated 60% or 1-2 tons per year. These stoves are preferred over other improved cook stove and three stone fires by 95% of users in Uganda. High adoption and preference reported in India, South Africa, Ethiopia and Chile proves the stoves great versatility among many different users.

i think that this could be a great product for campers; the one door wood stove is the burns wood, roots, crop residue, etc. so basically, anything you can find in the wild. when making a wood fire, you would look for these things to build a fire anyway. this gives you the opportunity to focus the heat, make it more useful, reliable, and more efficient.

i can't seem to find anywhere to buy it myself, but on the original article it claims it is available for about $35.

link to bbg article

link to stovetec