recession case

Case-mate's carboard iPhone case comes with free shipping and personalization--with a Sharpie.

this is great. and what's even better is some of the things on the website. like the faq's, here are some of my favourites:

Q) Is it waterproof? A) No, so dont put it in the dishwasher

Q) Is this case flammable? A) If you light it on fire it it is

Q) Can I use this case to microwave my frozen pizzas? A) I dont see why not, although we cant insure quality taste

Q) Will this case make me awesome? A) I think that goes without saying

Q) Is there a warranty? A) no, it is cardboard afterall

Q) Can I get a paper cut on my ear while using this case? A) My first guess would be no, but anything is possible, we dont promote unsafe use of the recession case

Q) Does it come with a screen protector? A) no we are in a recession!

Q) How long will the product last? A) forever as long as you don't destroy it!

Q) Is this case made from recycled cardboard? A) 100% of only the best for you!

Q) Will the product scratch my device? A) no! its cardboard not brick!

and here is a review:

I had an iPhone, and ordered the cover. Before I received the cover, I was laid off, and my iPhone was a company phone. The amazing thing is I really didn't notice much difference in performance with or without the iPhone. This cover works fine without an iPhone. It form fits to my 15 year old Nokia nicely -- you just have to bend it a little.

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