lexon tykho radio

http://www.madeindesign.co.uk/imgzoom-Thyko-radio-Lexon-refla42r.jpg this is the tykho radio, designed by marc berthier for lexon. i have always like this design, but had forgotten about it until i saw it for sale at habitat last week. (habitat have started selling products from other design houses such as lexon recently, and this is one that fits in perfectly).

the outside of the whole radio is rubber, including the speaker. this not only gives it a really great feel, but means it is splash and shock resistant too. it will also not look out of place inside or out, in the kitchen, the bathroom or the office.

it keeps the number of buttons down to a minimum, and to tune it you use the aerial, spinning it in either direction. it is available in a few different colours, and costs around £45 (depending on where you look).


link to lexon