rolson, ACME if there ever was a company that makes everything, it is rolson. anything tool related anyway. one of my first ever posts (which you can find here) was on a set of safety goggles with led's on the side, which i have since bought, and are brilliant. i have also more recently got some metal polishing cloths, and some mini clamps.

the reason i mention them, is because i was at my local car boot sale today, where there is a guy that always sells tools and other diy things, and i saw a basket of rolson tools, of which one caught my eye: the 'clip on spectacle eye loupe'.

i thought it was such a specific tool, that i couldn't believe anyone actually buying (at this car boot sale at least), yet there it was. right next to the 'watch bracelet link removing pliers' and the 'watch case holder' (both below).

it made me wish i actually had a use for these things. they are, as i've said, extremely specific, but they are so well made and look amazing too.

if you have any job that may require a tool, or have a general interest in things like this, i suggest you head over to their website. you might have a task you didn't even think there was a tool for, but rolson make one. it has such a vast amount of products to browse through, it's brilliant!

link to rolson