trip clips i was first shown 'trip clips', from terra plana (the ethical shoe people), a few months ago now. i thought the idea of a little lime green tab at the back of my jeans would look cool, regardless of the function. but the function is (obviously) the best bit. they describe it better than i can:

Not wearing Trip Clips will seriously damage your jeans! Trip Clips are the indispensable tool for keeping your jeans from fraying round the heel. You can still wear the baggiest of jeans and these little clips will keep the hem of your trousers safely away from the ground. All you need to do is place the hoop over your foot, clip it on and away you go!

they cost £5, which i don't think is that much really, if they can save your jeans from getting all torn up. they come in a range of colours, but seem to be out of stock on the website at the moment. im going to go to the terra plana store and see if they have any there. when i first saw them they came in a few different colours (including my favourite, the lime green), but the colours they do now are different it seems. i think i'd want a brightly coloured pair, and a discreet pair, for different occasions.