muji lego hole punch

now, this is one of the most exciting thigs i have seen for a while. a collaboration between muji and lego. a hole punch, that punches lego sized holes in paper and card, to help you create other things.

i know it was as recent as my last post that i was saying how rubbish fake and non-lego things were, but i don't think this counts, as it is an official product. and how innnovative it is! the possibilites are as endless as you imagination.

recently lego has been spreading out into all kinds of areas. see recent posts on boardgames (creationary, which i have played, and is amazing), architecture and gadgets. it seems they have been picking their collaborations wisely, as few ventures seem to be bad, and it makes you wonder why they didn't do it sooner!

[i love lego, and have done many posts on lego related things. type in 'lego' into the search bar to see other things i written about!]

via boingboing