nike zvezdochka these are the nike zvezdochka trainers, designed by marc newson. i saw them probably about 5 years ago now at the design museum when marc had an exhibition on there. i don't know why i suddenly remembered them recently, but i did, and i didn't have a blog then, so i'll write what i would have written at the time.

there's no doubting these shoes are cool, but why? looking at them now i am reminded of two things: jelly shoes and crocs. actually, they were designed as a multi purpose shoe for cosmonauts; it's named after the russian space dog that ventured aboard sputnik 10 in 1961. so that explains the name.

the shoe is made of two parts: a rubber outsole and an insole that fits inside it. i remember what i liked was how the 'sole' of the shoe was actually the insole popping out of the holes in the outsole (see picture above).

being a fan of nike, and also of marc newson is another reason i like them. the thing about them was that they were never really available in the shops. certain boutiques had them available in very limited numbers at the time, and they all got bought up by design and trainer lovers alike.

i remember they came in a range of colours (both insole and out), my favourties being the green. i know there are reasons why companies do collaborations like this where they keep the batches small, but this is one i wish i could own. as it is, if i had managed to buy them, i would never actually wear them as i wouldn't want to ruin them knowing they'd never be in the shops again!