seal skinz it's not very often i tear something out of a magazine to remember to blog about it, but today i did. there were a few key factors that made me do it: firstly, winter is coming. secondly, it's raining today. thirdly, when planning holiday in winter the main problem is usually footwear.

on a ski/snowboard holiday for example, deciding what to wear when not on the pistes is a bit annoying, as i don't want to buy a pair of boots specifically for the snow, when i may only need them one week of the year.

i have walking boots, but they are waterproof only to an extent. wear them literally all day in the snow, or in extremely wet conditions (canoeing, for example) and they will become heavy, wet, and cold.

so perhaps here is the solution: seal skinz. falling into a similar category (of use at least) as recent posts on sigg, mag, scottevest, stovetec and an old one on inflatable kayaks, this is something that i am excited about. i like innovative use of materials to solve problems in products, so while this might be seen as an item of clothing rather than a product, i still think they are relevant.

SealSkinz® are the world's only range of waterproof, breathable, close-fitting socks and gloves. Suitable for a wide variety of uses, from outdoor pursuits to gardening, you're sure to stay dry with SealSkinz® on!

i figure that with a pair of these underneath my walking boots, i should be sorted! no need to buy boots specifically for wet or snowy weather, and i increase the number of uses for the boots i already have.

a look at their products reveals lots of other exciting things, but if i'm sticking closely to the socks (that caught my attention in the first place), the things i like are their original 'mid-thermal black socks', the 'high-vis sock', which has a reflective strip around the top, and the latest range of waterproof football socks (both below).

all in the £20-£30 range, i think they could be a sound investment.

link to seal skinz