ultimate hoodie microfleece

http://www.scottevest.com/media/img/p_hoodie-gunmetal.jpg this fleece hoodie from scottevest not only has an incredible name, but also a lot of cool features too:

Comfortable, stylish and useful, the Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece is a must have layer. It has earned its title as the Ultimate Hoodie with 11 hidden pockets and compartments that are strategically located and ergonomically designed to manage all of your gadgets. Our patented Personal Area Network (PAN) provides wire management for iPods®, cell phones and other wired devices. Special earbud loops keep your music within easy reach.

The Ultimate Hoodie is made of ultra-comfortable, lightweight microfleece, thick enough to keep the chill off but thin enough that you can control your iPod® right through the fabric. This hooded sweatshirt features spacious DeepPockets™ with magnetic closures to keep your essentials secure. Other great features include a built-in extendible keychain and a secret pocket. Microfleece. Machine Washable.

this came as a recommendation from  an inhabitant of montréal, which is as good a sign as any for me that it would be just the thing for winter. there's nothing like a good fleece to keep you warm when it's freezing outside. usually i'm put off by multi-pocketed items of clothing because they bulge out too much, but if the xray image below is even slightly representative of what it claims to be, then it won't be bulging with stuff when you're wearing it either!


thanks sophie!

link to scottevest