some more nice watches

having just bought a new watch (see 'design on ebay' post, below), i have still managed to come across a few more i like. above are a collection of watches by uniform wares, a new london based design company.

i like simple watches, and if you type in 'watch' into the search bar in the top right of this blog you will find many posts on others i like. these watches are nice and simple, and the selection of colours above are quite cool too. unconventional somehow, but nice. the body is made of anodised aluminium, and the strap out of polyurethane.

the second watch i saw was the single hand watches by defakto, a german brand (below). again, very simple, if not more so due to the lack of minute hand. debate always rages as to the benefits of single hand watches. there are many to be found, and i guess it just depends on you preference whether you need to know exactly to the minute what time it is, rather than to the nearest 5.

defakto say:

We build place our confidence on understatement and stand for a new way of living in form of a relaxed feeling of time. Our central theme is to display time as simple as possible, but as exact as needed. Defakto builds watches for people with time whom are therefore not meticulous depended on knowing the exact time.

the other thing i like about this watch is the back (see bottom image). covered in the same crystal as the front face, you can see some of the inner workings through it. again, you could argue this is pointless if you are going to be wearing it, but i think it's a nice touch.

both found via dezeen