marti guixe for alessi i saw the new alessi collection by spanish designer marti guixe today, and my eye was caught by two of the designs in particular. above is the 'communicator plant', which has a trunk and branches for holding notes (presumably green post-its for best effect), as well as the pot for holding everything else.

from the original article:

'collection of objects' by spanish designer martí guixé is a new series of household items for alessi. the pieces are designed to encourage interaction and play from its users. through his designs, guixé researches new ways of looking at objects rather than simply reinventing a form that fits into the traditional interpretations of function.

'objects have become tools for perceiving our daily reality, and also for communicating not only with objects, but also with other people through these objects. this collection is based on new typologies revolving around this concept.' -MG

the other product i liked best was the '24h sentence maker'. i've seen a few blank-clock-with-pen ideas before, but none with an explanation as strange as this:

24h sentence maker wall clock allows one to measure time with sentences. the hours are represented by words. 'is' is written in the middle of the clock connecting the words to create a new sentence every hour, 24 sentences a day. for example: 'design is desire'.

as well as the products, i love his sketches too!

via designboom