magis me too!

me too is a range of furniture and other items by magis, but just for kids. you may be familiar with the puppy, above, which is exactly what i was looking at when i came across the rest of the range, most of which i didn't know existed.

while i do kind of like the puppy (especially the glow in the dark version, above), what caught my eye the most was the alma chair (below), designed by javier mariscal. it comes in four colours, and is stackable too, but what caught my eye was the detail on the back. turning something as simple as the ribbing into something beautiful is a hard task, and it is pulled off brilliantly. the only thing i can't believe is that it doesn't come in a adult version!

the magis site actually has (basic) technical drawings of all their designs, and i was frustrated to learn the height of the alma seat is only 320mm, which is probably just a little bit too small for me to get away with buying one for myself. however, selling for between £30 and £40, i am still really tempted!

link to me too site