chairless, by vitra

screen-capture this is chairless, by vitra. designed by alejandro aravena, it is a design based upon a tradition by ayoreo indians in northern paraguay (see photo below).


this design has been interpreted by aravena and vitra into chairless, a "seating device for the modern nomad".

This sturdy strap of fabric allows its user to sit down in a relaxed manner – but with neither seat nor backrest. It is thus a solution par excellence for times when chairs are in short supply: lunch in the park, while waiting in a crowded airport, a picnic on the lawn, sitting down at a concert, reading on the beach and on countless other occasions. Chairless is so light and compact that you can carry it with you wherever you go.


i can imagine a lot of people might think this is ridiculous, especially for a company like vitra, but i quite like it. the first batch sold out almost immediately (which tells you something), but when it is back on sale will be about £20. for a nylon strap, this is probably a bit too much, but on the other hand, it will be vitra's cheapest design by far, and response from users seems to be pretty good.

i guess the only way to really know if it's worth it is to try, so maybe if i get to do so i can update everyone. visit the chairless site for more photos.