clever little bag

this is the 'clever little bag', by yves behar (of fuseproject) for puma.this half-bag half-box hybrid consists of a recyclable, heat woven bag, and flatpack cardboard tray, combining to use 65% less cardboard than a standard shoebox. it also means that you won't need a bag from the shop you buy the shoes in to take the box home.

shoeboxes can be very useful things once they have outlived their primary use as they are good size for storing things, and pretty strong too, and the strength comes from the surprisingly large amount of cardboard used to make them. have you ever completely unfolded one? they're bigger than you might think!

i think they look cool; the obvious knock-on effect will be that these bags become a must have product in themselves. similar to the new nike kits i posted on recently, this is another (potentially) environmentally friendly move from a sportswear giant.

here are some words from the designers:

Bye Bye Shoebox, Hello Clever Little Bag

For the last 21 months we have been thinking about shoeboxes: how to fold them, how to ship them and how to reduce them. In the end, we decided to get rid of them altogether because along the way we discovered a new design solution….a “clever little bag”.?? Why so clever? By providing structure to a cardboard sheet, the bag uses 65% less cardboard than the standard shoe box, has no laminated printing, no tissue paper, takes up less space and weighs less in shipping, and replaces the plastic retail bag. Now happy Puma customers will take home the clever little one instead. Oh, and that little bag is non-woven which means less work and waste (it is stitched with heat), and after accompanying you in your suitcase wherever you may go, our little friend is even recyclable.

if the name of the designer rings a bell, it may be for his much publicised OLPC (one laptop per child) XO laptop, or even the nixon 'wire' headphones, which i have previously posted about too. there a a lot of great products on the fuseproject website, so if you have a minute, give it a look!

via dezeen, among others...