i saw these folding stools by kikkerland a couple of months ago, and after initially being a bit dazzled by the spots i really liked them. lightweight, they fold flat, come in some great colours, aren't too expensive and are perfectly functional. i like step stools, as they can be many other things: sitting stools, footrests, side tables, bedside tables, and even components for some larger things (see my initial ideas for ratchet coffee tables).

heading to their website i found a vast amount of other products, of which i will try and pick some of my favourites.

the bobino cord wraps have the dual function of being useful for wrapping up all the cables around the home and wrapping up your headphone cable, something which most similar products fail to be good at.

the 'loop' memory sticks are nice and simple, and look good around your neck when attached to a lanyard. designed by richard hutten, the only down side to these is the £75 price tag.

finally, the products that it turns out i was first familiar with, their wind-ups. it's only now that i realise it is kikkerland that produce these, after getting my first one about 10 years ago!

as i have said, they have a lot of products, so head over to their site to see some more!