muji second phone

this is the muji second phone. i think my main product related regret is not buying this phone when it was available. designed in 2002 by sam hecht of industrial facility , this phone is as simple as it gets.

as the photo below demonstrates, the phone came as a handset only, with no base. there was a button on the face that acted as the on/off switch, so placing it on the table face down would put down the receiver, and lifting up the handset would pick it up. the button also housed the microphone.

the styling is very simple, as is the ethos of muji; it is much like wall mounted cd player, designed by naoto fukasawa. unlike that design however, which was due to end production but has since come back, i don't think there will be any plans to bring this one back. i have spent a lot of time searching the internet for a second hand one, but to no avail. it seems this is one design that people want to keep hold of. and i don't blame them!

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