anything by michael sodeau

this is the anything range, by michael sodeau for japanese company suikosha. they have been out for over a year now, but i saw them again last week in twentytwentyone and remembered how much i like them.

there are six pieces in the set: a clock, a tape dispenser, a ruler set, a rubber, a stapler and a pair of scissors. i like everything about the set; the colours, the simplicity, the functionality. i like how the scissors have their own base, and how the end of the stapler is tapered so it can stand up flat on a table.

in fact the only reason i havn't bought them all yet is the price. while you can own the rubber for a mere £2.75, the scissors, tape dispenser and stapler are all £26-28, the clock is £47 and (almost ridiculously) the ruler set is £43.

definite luxury items, but very nice nonetheless.