emeco/coke 111 navy chair


the chair on the left is emeco's classic aluminium navy chair, the one on the right is their new 111 navy chair, done in collaboration with coca-cola. the chair is called the 111 navy chair because that's how many recycled coke bottles are used to make it.

Coke asked us [at Emeco] to make the classic Navy Chair out of a new, unproven formulation of rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate- recycled plastic bottles). They introduced us [at Emeco] to the scientists at BASF the international chemical innovator and together we developed proprietary mix made of about 60% and a special combination of pigment combined with glass fiber for strength.

Requiring a state-of-art mold, the new 111 Navy Chair™ includes the original stretcher (structural brace) below the seat. This detail not only assures authenticity, but creates great structural integrity. The 111 Navy Chair™ carries a 5-Year structural guarantee. The new 111 Navy Chair™ is available in six colors: Red, Snow, Flint Gray, Grass Green, Persimmon and Charcoal. Snow, Flint and Red can be used outdoors. The new chair has a distinctive, “velvet” finish that is scratch resistant.

the original navy chair is a great design; strong, robust, lightweight and comfortable too. just like the previously blogged about nike football kits (which are made of recycled bottles), this is yet another green design i really like!