leaf ties


these are leaf ties, by lufdesign. i would say i can't believe i havn't seen this before, but actually i have (i think it was magis a few years ago that made a special batch just like this for the milan furniture fair, but i can't seem to find an image). but the fact i have seen it before makes me wonder yet again why has no one started mass producing them.

of course, they have no functional benefits over normal cable ties, but they look beautiful! as the designers say:

The artificial cables all around us create a more dark and cold environment. The Leaf tie takes the cables and wraps the cables while bringing life to a dull area. It serves the dual purpose of design and efficiency.

this is definitely the kind of idea that makes a completely throw-away product that you are happy to hide become one you would want to keep, and show off as well!





via yanko design