myfirst roto-moulder

this is 'myfirst roto-moulder', by studio myfirst. i came across this and was very intrigued, as i have always been interested in rotational moulding. if you're unsure what rotational moulding is, then let me briefly explain (or just head over to wikipedia): rotational moulding is a way to create hollow items, usually made in plastic, by putting the material (in a soft or liquid form) into a sealed mould that is slowly rotated in two axis, meaning that the material is evenly spread inside the mould. a common item that is roto-moulded is a traffic cone, or storage bin, but is used from everything from footballs to rowing boats.

the below video shows how to set up the moulder, but will also give you an idea how it works too.

from the original article:

'myfirst roto moulder' is a flat pack DIY rotational moulding machine created by studio myfirst. here the design offers the ability to replicate the manufacturing process by giving designers, artists and creative's alike the chance to experiment and develop their ideas. with the use of moulds and cold setting resins, hollow plastic objects can be formed on the machine time and time again. according to studio myfirst, education of this process is normally difficult to achieve given the large size and cost of an actual rotational moulding machine, leaving the most common method of education coming from text books. the machines take up little space with the ability to deconstruct for ease of storage and transportation.