the story of stuff

tom, of tomslisteningto (the other blog i write on), suggested i headed over to the story of stuff website, and watch the video. i did, and if you have 20 minutes, you should too!

The Story of Stuff Project was founded in June 2008 by Annie Leonard to leverage the remarkable success of The Story of Stuff, a 20-minute web-film that explores the often hidden environmental and social consequences of America’s love affair with its stuff. Currently, the film has been viewed over 10 million times on-line and in thousands of schools, houses of worship, community centers and businesses around the world. Our Project’s focus is on systems of production and consumption—in particular the harmful environmental and social impacts of current modes of producing, consuming and disposing of material goods. Our Project is systems-focused, solutions-oriented and change-driven.

while a lot of the info might be standard knowledge, there were still quite of lot of eye openers for me, especially thinking from a design point of view.