umbro world champions

it's getting close to world cup time, and there's always the odd design-y thing that coincides with it. you may have seen my post on the new recycled nike kits recently, or remember one a while back on the new nike boots for the last tournament.

well, umbro have just released the world champions collection, seven new shirts that honour all the teams that have won the tournament previously. the shirts are made in the 'tailored by umbro' style that the new england kits feature, which is clean, simple (and really nice!). each shirt also has it's own custom badge, designed by a graphic designer from that country (above is my favourite, the germany one, by marok). i won't fill up this post with every single picture from the original article, but they are worth checking out if you are interested in the development of the badges themselves.

what i have included below is a picture of every kit. so start getting excited, only 36 days to go!

via designboom