last week i was sent a link by designer dan mather to the nike78 project.

NIKE78 is an exciting new project created by Paul Jenkins and inspired by NIKE. Creatives involved will receive a brand new pair of NIKE shoes and will be asked to use sport as inspiration to challenge their function. The project will be documented on this website and after the shoes have been collected, an exhibition showcase is planned for the London Design Festival 2010. This is a unique project featuring some of the most talented creative individuals, studios and other organisations.

the above project is the 'nike spd's' by dan mather, which combine the function of cycling shoes with the aesthetic appeal of nike trainers. i like the outcome, being a big fan of bikes and functional objects in general. the thing that has always put me off clip-in cycling shoes (apart from falling off my bike) is the fact that they are so awkward to wear off the bike, and these seem to solve that problem.

there are a lot of very diverse projects on the nike78 website, from the 'akubu' fishbowl trainers by wieden+kennedy tokyo lab to the 'nike cup' trainers by max lamb (both pictured below). i look forward to the planned exhibition during the next london design week, to get a good look at all the trainers for real.

i wish i'd got the chance to be involved in the project myself! head over to the site to see all of the outcomes in depth, with many more images and a video for each one too.