puma bikes

http://static.dezeen.com/uploads/2010/06/dzn_2010-PUMA-Bike-by-Biomega-21.jpgi was convinced i'd already posted about the puma bikes, by kibisi for biomega/puma. but a look through my archives reveal i am wrong. i've certainly posted about kibisi before (here), and maybe i'm getting these confused with the bike porter post from last year, who knows.

anyway, back to the bikes. five designs have been released, using different aspects of continental and folding bikes, bmx's, cruisers, and fixed-wheel bikes. i like them all, but the my favourite detail on any of them has to be the handlebars, which i would buy on their own if i could. i don't understand why nobody makes anything like this already!

ranging from about €500 - €800 from a specially dedicated site, i can see these bikes being very popular. i really want one! my favourite is definitely the 'pico', above. check out the site for the different colour options and configurations.





also, nice logo on the kibisi site (below)!