new simplicity

'while you sleep' by oscar diaz is a system for grouping your house keys together using a simple clipping mechanism. what a great idea! i'm sure this could be easily implemented into standard keys. i think i like it even more than the split-ring-key by scott amron mentioned last year.

the idea comes from the 'new simplicity' exhibition, an exhibition in the brompton design district (london) that looks at innovations using new rapid prototyping and manufacturing technologies.

the digital age has offered new opportunities to designers, and the 'new simplicity' exhibition highlights the advances brought on by rapid manufacturing. this includes everyday items made from the least number of pieces as possible as many designers in the exhibition respond to a current trend towards frugality and a return to basics in a climate of economic uncertainty.

where the one-off limited edition once prevailed, designers and consumers are now searching for simplicity with quality, a desire to create and own products that are enduring, functional and simple.

the way diaz's idea fits this new simplicity is that users would scan their key, choose a head type and send the data to the manufacturer to create a customized 'while you sleep' key set.

another project in the exhibition (which is on until the 8th of august) is the folding plug by min kyu choi, previously blogged about last year and since the winner of the brit insurance design of the year. others include climate station by thomas wagner, and the self assembly torch by alex hulme, a one piece torch which can be assembled with an LED, batteries and one pence.

see more projects at designboom, and for more info on the exhibition check out the london design guide