republic bike and tokyo bike

i came across republic bike today, something very similar to the recent post on bike by me, where you get to customise the colours of all the components of a bike, which they then build and send to you. just like 'bike by me', this is fun even if you aren't planning to buy one. the reason i post this site is that it's based in the US, which is good for anyone over there who can't get hold of a 'bike by me'. prices start at $399.

it also reminded me that in spitalfields (london) at the moment there is a tokyobike pop-up-shop. i went in the other day, and the bikes are great! well built, reasonably priced, and they come in some great colours. my favourite was a matt navy blue one, which i can't seem to find a picture of. it's only open until september 1st, so get there quick!

Tokyobike is an independent bicycle company which launched in the old Tokyo suburb of Yanaka in 2002. Founded by bicycle enthusiast Ichiro Kanai, Tokyobike is about simple models that are reasonably priced, light to ride, easy to carry and are pared back to the basics. Each bike weighs between 9 and 11 kilos and is available in a wide range of colours, sizes, shades and styles. To make the stops and starts of urban riding smoother, bikes have also been designed with a smaller 650 diameter wheel.

Tokyobike believes that speed is not always the aim, destination is only part of the story, and losing yourself in a city’s small back lanes and expansive parks and gardens is one way of switching off and escaping it all.