aiaiai headphones

you may remember the post on the aiaiai swirl earphones designed by kibisi a few months back. well, they have now designed some headphones for the brand, the tma-1. made of black rubber, nylon and plastic, i really like the simple design, which is explained by the designers:

It is stripped down to nothing more than the essentials. No ornaments, colors or other distractions. Only a very discrete and hidden logo indicates that these headphones come from an established brand.

This marks a new route in a terrain, that for the last couple of years have seen an endless array of products branded with extensive logos, and marketed by celebrities. The TMA-1 travels on a different road, and with it’s simple and iconic look, it is essentially nothing more, than the idea of the headphone.

apparently the name is taken from the kubrick movie '2001: a space odyssey', where it describes a machine that was long lasting and reliable. these headphones are designed for professional musicians and dj's, which might explain the hefty price tag of between £150 and £200.

via dezeen