enzo mari: homage to autoprogettazione

in 1974, italian designer enzo mari came out with 19 designs for wooden furniture called autoprogettazione. autoprogettazione (or 'self design') was his collection of designs for furniture you could make yourself with just a hammer, some nails, and some standard lengths of wood.

as mass produced items were becoming more popular, mari wanted to reconnect people to how things are made. so in his 1974 exhibition he gave out a free catalogue with detailed instructions for making these simple, easy to make pieces of furniture using standard wooden planks and nails, and encouraged anyone to make them for themselves. he also offered to send the plans to anyone who sent him a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

for artek's 75th anniversary, they are producing a kit that includes a stack of pre-cut pine boards, some nails, and the blueprints you need to make one yourself. (while this is a nice idea, for €220 i think i'd rather track down the book, and buy the wood myself).

to coincide with the launch, artek produced a couple of videos; one of mari talking about the project, and the other of him walking you through how to build the 'sedia 1' chair.

his goals for the project:

"Cheap, high quality, long lasting."

"If someone tried to build something, they would learn something"

these are great videos, and not too long, so check them out if you can!

via core77