new apple things

yesterday, apple released a whole new range of products across the ipod line, as well as a new look itunes packed with new features. there is a new ipod touch with a camera (among other things), and a new ipod nano with touchscreen, both of which can be seen at the bottom of this post.

the thing that caught my eye though was the new ipod shuffle. the previous version (below) confused me a little; it did away with the physical buttons on the shuffle itself, and used buttons on the earphones cable. this was both awkward and fiddly, and also meant you couldn't use your own headphones without buying a separate in-line remote, which was a bad move by apple in my opinion.

the newest version (at the very top of this post) looks like the shuffle two generations ago (pictured above), but squarer. i still love the integrated clip, which is something they've also added to the new touchscreen nano. at only £39 for the new shuffle, i'm very tempted to get one!